Rugby is a very interesting sport. If you want to know more about this game, then you should read books related to it. Here are some books that we recommend you read about rugby.

The Winning

By – Clive Woodward

It is a favourite book among professional rugby players and coaches. The author was a World Cup-winning coach of England, and he has shared his journey in this book. The book talks about how he trained the team and what challenges he faced. The book is an inspiration to many rugby players.

Total Rugby

By – Jim Greenwood

From this book, you will learn about the history and techniques of rugby. You will have all your questions about rugby answered in this book. If you want to become a rugby player, then you will learn lots of techniques and strategies to play this game.

Confessions of Rugby Mercenary

By – John Daniell

The book covers the journey of the professional rugby player John Daniell who used to play for the New Zealand rugby team. Here the author has not only given tips on improving performance on the field but also explained how to win a match as a team.


By – James Kerr

Here the author has explained what it takes to get to the top of the rugby game. You will understand how to face challenges and win the game. You will know how to set goals to achieve success as a rugby player.


By – Steve Thompson

In this book, the author talks about his diagnosis of dementia which changed his life. Here you will find the opinions of other rugby players, too, reflecting on the author’s rugby career and success.

These books are bestsellers, and people interested in rugby have these books in their collection. If you want to know about rugby in detail, then you should read these books.