How Rugby Players Cope With Stress Before A Competition

No matter whether you are a good player or not, everyone feels the stress on the field  during a rugby competition. Stress can often hamper your performance. So, you need to be stress-free to showcase your best performance. Here are some ways you can relieve stress with the support of your coach.


Your coach should rotate the players evenly in every match. That way, the players will feel valued. Even if you lose a few games, it will motivate the players and create a special bond among them other than rivalry. In the following matches, they will perform better as they will have a positive mindset. The weaker players may become stronger players.

Create windows for the players

The coach should provide the player’s windows of achievement where they can aim. He should set targets, but not all the time. It might disappoint some players. Players may get bored achieving easy targets or frustrated not achieving difficult targets.

Reward the effort

The coach should reward the effort and not the achievement. Even if the team loses, you should praise them for their effort. This will make them stress-free, and they will perform better in the next game.


The players should feel free to communicate with their teammates and the coach before and after the matches. They should be able to express their thoughts and feel relaxed.


The players should go to training sessions to boost their confidence and improve their skills. Confidence can reduce stress considerably, and the players can perform better.

Warm-up before the game

If the rugby players warm up before their match, then their bodies and mind will feel relaxed. You can scream and shout to cheer each other up, and this is also part of the warm-up.

Relaxation techniques

You should use deep breathing techniques and do yoga and meditation to relax your body and mind before the game. You can also do a full-body massage to loosen your muscles.

These tips can help you to feel stress-free before the match. You will be able to focus on the game and avoid any distractions to beat the opponent.