Rugby Training Tips For Becoming A Better Rugby Team

If you are a rugby coach, then you can give so much to the team you are training. You must be a good rugby player yourself and have won a lot of matches for your team. You should know the right strategies and tricks to teach the players. Here are some tips for becoming a better ruby team.

Form the team carefully

In the team, you must include the most skilful players so that they can do the job on the field. The players must be strong and have the mentality to handle pressure in a competition.

Exploit the weaknesses of the opposition team

You should try the look at the previous matches of your opponents and find out the weaknesses they have. You should try to hit those spots. For example, if the players of the opposition team are not good runners, then you should try to exploit that part.

Get behind the opposition

Teach your team to create a ‘go forward’ ball using good footwork or pick and go. You should learn how to stop their defences from coming forward. If you see that the opposition team’s players are all spread out in the field, then you can consider attacking the middle.

Chase the kicks

Use kicks to put pressure on the defence. Make sure that the kick and chase work together. You need to practice this trick many times before you can apply it on the day of the competition. Otherwise, you may get the opposite result than expected.

Know how to close out the game

So, you have done all the hard work, and now you are ahead. If you can manage to take the ball up the middle, then you can position the ball for a penalty or a drop goal. If you are holding the ball, then the opposition has to think of some other way to take the ball, and you will get a penalty kick chance.

As a coach, you must motivate the players all the time. You should work on the strength of each player and help them to achieve their best. Some players don’t even recognize their strengths, and you as a coach should point out their strengths. That way, they will be more cautious and confident.